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Photo 1: Via Garibaldi  in Genoa

The richest people in the world lived on this street in the 1500’s.

We visited 3 palazzos on the street, each one was more magnificent than the next.   



 Photo 2: Church - Santa Maria Assunta, Genoa

Our wonderful tour guide, Dr Maria Cristina Paoluzzi, Director of The Auction House “Dorotheum” - an old master expert will be our guide for the fabulous Friends of Fai visit to Genova and Portofino! She described the amazing history of this church and the magnificent works of art that it contains.



Lighting candles at the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo


The marvelous works of art in the church's museum

Town square with the fountain in Genova.


View of the busy Genova port from our fabulous luncheon location with beautiful landscaped gardens.  


A few more fabulous works of art, PIC: ‘The Rape of the Sabine Woman’, Chandeliers and the hand painted ceilings on every palazzo were out of this world!


Did you know that denim was invented in Genova? Here is a fabulous work of art on an original piece of denim.

Lunch in a wonderful garden and terrace with a beautiful tower!



The courtyards were unbelievable: I snapped this shot while looking out a window.



The FAI organization is 2000 people strong in Italy, they have restored landmarked villas and monuments all over the country.


Next we visited an Art Deco barber shop in Genova, Stefano who organizes our trip is getting his hair cut in this historic spot!


Home cooked pasta in a magnificent villa in the heart of its own private park. What an evening! 

 Musei di Nervi Wolfsoniana:

Glass sculpture


Art nouveau furnishings

Sculpture Title: Breaking the Chains of Fascism

Leaving Genoa!

Hopping on a boat we are headed to a monastery - San Fruttuoso - a FAI project. 

Now we are in Portofino, I was in Portofino many years ago but had forgotten its unbelievable beauty. Once a fishing village it is now one of Italy’s most fashionable resorts. 

Fabulous Portofino with Rodeo style shopping!


Hotel Splendido

Sensational view from my hotel room!


The visits in Portofino were amazing, magnificent views grotto entrances, amazing entertainment, and a table set for a king or queen. At Dominico Dolce’s incredible Villa ten years in the making!



Oh and I forgot the bar in The Splendido Hotel where we went dancing every night. 


You can tell I was sad to leave… beauty and the wonderful Italian people. Arrivederci!



My fellow Italian travel buddies supporting Friends of FAI! We all love Italy!


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