World-Renowned Architect Daniel Libeskind


Last week, Daniel Libeskind stopped by the House to talk about his latest project, Sapphire, his angular new residential structure in the Mitte district of Berlin. He was joined in conversation by Felix Burrichter of Pin Up Magazine, where he talked about switching from designing major cultural projects (New York’s One World Trade, Berlin’s Jewish Museum), to designing private apartment complexes.

“Domesticity is probably the most difficult things to achieve in a building. Yes, we may all have a home, but at the end of the day I’m designing one for people I don’t know,” he told a packed house on November 11th. “But at the end of the day, the domestic sphere is responsible for the origination of architecture. As humans, the first structures we had to build were our homes.”

And why the name Sapphire? “I’ve always loved that name,” Libeskind said. “A Sapphire is apparently a stone of Saturn, and all of my favorite artists have been born under Saturn’s reign.”

Watch the above video to hear more of his thoughts on Berlin’s urban structure, the architecture of the residential and his new projects in Sao Paolo and China.

Image courtesy of Scott Frances.