Weekend in Napa

I’m off to Napa for a fun and exciting weekend at the Legends of Motorsport Rally and the Napa Valley Reserve. What a great weekend to celebrate beautiful cars and amazing wine.

The Reserve vineyards are overseen by the Harlan Estate viticulture team. These talented artisans have a keen understanding of the seasons of a vineyard and a mastery of the art of hand-crafting wines using time-honored traditions in balance with new practices and techniques.

The Napa Valley Reserve offers the opportunity to experience and enjoy the way of life that surrounds the production of wine. Napa Valley living is inspired by agriculture, food and wine and is connected through farming, the ebb and flow of the seasons and a love of the land.

Here the winemaking process comes to life as you collaborate with the winemaking team on every detail of your wine, from blending to barrel toast. Assisted through each phase of the process, you’ll be rewarded on release day with wine that’s comparable in quality to Napa Valley’s finest.

The barrel aging caves have a unique ambiance, reflecting the quality and the art of winemaking. From December onward, the wine is put into oak barrels to mature. Tour the rows of barrels from myriad producers and you’ll come to understand how these masterfully crafted vessels bestow subtle nuances upon the finished wines.