Wall Flowers: Gretchen Kimball

Gretchen Kimball Joyce Rey is the leader in Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate

I am really looking forward to my niece’s art exhibit this weekend! It will be at a gallery in Highland Park and the website is theplatformexperiment.com.

Gretchen’s approach to her work reflects the spirit in which she’s led her life. “When I started my ‘formal’ studies in the fine arts,” she says, “my goal was that when I graduated I would be able to paint what ever I wanted, in any style or technique. That I managed to accomplish. As for the question ‘What do I paint?’ I assume it will take a lifetime to know the answer.

My artwork reflects a journey. Sometimes I express this literally and other times in symbolic materials or abstract suggestions. Often on this journey I return to familiar places that have changed and evolved with time. Yet they are still the same familiar places. Other times I am exploring new and uncharted territory.  Along the way I always remind myself, the journey is not where you are going, it is how you get there.”

Gretchen Kimball Artwork