Tips For Completing a Timely Escrow

I receive this interesting little newsletter each month about Los Angeles Escrow dealings and found these top tips to completing a timely escrow very helpful and wanted to share with you since I know many of you are in real estate as well.

Top 10 reasons for pulled recordings:

  1. Sloppy handwriting on the document.
  2. Used black ink instead of blue.
  3. Tax Rate Area/APN numbers aren’t on the deeds.
  4. No return address!
  5. Didn’t set up the files for recording ahead of time, delaying the actual recording.
  6. Incorrect document stamps and names on grant deed
  7. Transfer tax affidavit incomplete.
  8. Illegible Notary seals
  9. Ink on documents is too light to scan
  10. Distorted documents have faded lines