Time 100 Issue

malala-yousafzai-time-100 unicef joyce reyThe Time 100 Issue highlights the incredible and inspiring Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl who is an advocate for girl’s rights.

Time commissioned the renowned photographer Mark Seliger to create the covers. The shoots took him and his crew to Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Washington and Birmingham, England, where he took the first formal portrait of Malala since she survived a vicious attack by the Taliban last October. Malala is still so young and small that when Mark sat her on a stool during the shoot, his assistants had to give her a plastic crate and two pieces of wood so she could rest her feet comfortably. The issue was beautifully designed by assistant art director Allison Duda, with stunning photography coordinated by contributing photo editor Bridget Harris, and executive editor Radhika Jones oversaw the project.