There’s a Boom in Billionaires!

jkrowlingThey will be in the natural target market for my wonderful new listing Palazzo di Amore. UBS does a great job reporting on the world’s billionaire population. Of the reported figure of 2,325 25% live in the United States. The number one city is New York with 103. A little more than 10% are women. However, 60% of the male billionaires are self-made and only 17% of the women are self-made. Surprisingly, 35% of the billionaires do not have Bachelor degrees. The University of Pennsylvania tops the list of the most graduate billionaires followed by Harvard, Yale, USC, and the University of Mumbai and Moscow State University. The typical billionaire has about $3.1 billion, is 63 years old and made their first billion by their late 40s. They also own average of four properties.