The Manopause Man

manopause-book Joyce Rey is the leader in Beverly Hills Luxury Real EstateThink menopause only affects women? According to Lisa Friedman Block and Kathy Kirtland Silverman, authors of the new book “Manopause”, men also suffer physically and emotionally during the same stage in their life.

According to Lisa and Kathy:

Manopause hits between 40 and 65, when the cumulative effect of men’s gradually declining testosterone begins to appear. This can be overwhelmingly powerful as it collides head on with the cultural manhood pressures men already feel… pressures like having to “man up,” to be strong and powerful, to be an unfailing provider, to hide emotions and vulnerabilities, and to always be able to perform sexually… all at a time when fears of mortality begin to creep in. To make matters worse, men struggle both to comprehend and to communicate what they are feeling. Research has established that they are biologically less verbal and less emotional communicators then women. So their confused and unexpressed feelings bubble out as unrecognizable, negative, even destructive behaviors. Men should not have to suffer at this time of life, nor should their women be condemned to suffer with them. The good news is that lower testosterone levels bring out positive qualities like the patience to sit and talk, the ability to bond with their children, and the desire to make sensuous love. There are untold exciting ways to help any relationship blossom during midlife.

The authors appeared on NBC News yesterday morning to discuss the book.  Watch the video on their website.