The Bay Lights

bay-lights-san-francisco-bridge-joyce-reyWow — incredible light installations by artist Leo Villareal.  The Bay Lights is a monumental light sculpture inspired by the 75th anniversary of the Bay Bridge. Artist Leo Villareal has networked 25,000 individually programmable, white LED lights to create complex algorithms and patterns across the San Francisco Bay Bridge, the bridge that connects San Francisco to the East Bay. This contemporary art piece is the world’s largest LED light sculpture.

The energy-efficient lights are mounted in single strands on the bridge’s vertical cables. Together, the lights use 150 to 175 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy while operating for approximately seven hours each night. It will cost approximately $11,000 per year in energy to light the piece, which translates to $30 per day at $4.25 per hour. Dedicated solar panels installed in Davis, California will offset all energy used by The Bay Lights.  The project is funded by private donors.