The 2012 Oscars

meryl streep Joyce Rey is the leader in Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate

I love watching the Academy Awards each year.  This year’s production and direction was the best ever in my opinion.  I seldom agree with all of the Academy’s choices however, I was particularly happy about the choice of Meryl Streep.  The fact that she had not won since Sophie’s Choice several years ago, yet had been nominated a total of 17 times, was surprising.   Her award was so well deserved, a real tribute to a great career as was Christopher Plummer.  I was particularly impressed with the Cirque du Soleil presentation and the sensational music composed for the show.  Billy Crystal is always wonderful! 

I had the honor of spending my evening at Martha DeLaurentiis’ party which was absolutely wonderful with incredible food by her great chef.  Everyone voted and Buzz Rafiala’s hubby won the Oscar’s pool with 14 correct choices. The house looks beautiful and their expanded family made it such a fun and diverse crowd.  Every minute was truly special.