Stuff Matters


I love reading Bill Gates’ book reviews.  It enables me to know a lot about many things without having to read an entire book.  One example is “You’ll Never Look at a Pencil, Teacup or Razor Blade the same way.” By Bill Gates.  I never thought about materials but our whole life in the last century was built around steel.  Our next century is likely to produce even more imaginative materials.  Did you know there is self-healing concrete?  It is made up of resilient bacteria with that consumes starch so when the concrete cracks and water seeps in the bacteria revives finds the starch and excretes minerals that seal up the crack.

When you travel to Seattle you can take a ride on a carbon fiber city bus.  Carbon fiber composites are sheets of graphite fibers encased in glue and are transforming our major industries. “Graphene” is the thinnest and stiffest material known to mankind – 200 times stronger than steel and yet lighter than paper.  It is also the best conductor ever invented.  Bill Gates wants to have a beer with this author and so would I.  Maybe the three of us could go out on the town!