Spotlight: Donna Livingston

donna-livingston-cbviewFabulous article in the Coldwell Banker magazine about my dear friend and interior designer Donna Livingston.  Donna is an incredible luxury designer and I loved reading about her!

From the article:

“”Architectural Digest” has featured Donna four times in their annual list of 100 top interior designers. That’s because she loves luxury and has honed these elements down to a science. Fortunately, luxury appears at every cost point. Regardless of the size of your home, incorporate the following into your environment. From an architecture standpoint, the proper scale and dimensions of your rooms, big or small, is crucial. Proportion even applies to the thickness of doors–add beautiful hardware and you’ve made a statement in terms of elegance and quality. The same rule applies to the depth of countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, too. Add a variety of lighting including overhead lights and table lamps. Plan on specific lighting for artwork or “statement” pieces. Incorporate landscape lights, too. Lush draperies instantly convey luxury, as do custom sofas with mohair fabric and down pillows. Luxurious design also means grouping personal collections. This is what makes environments inviting and spark conversation. Books and accessories, especially anything Asian, look wonderful, and don’t forget to install under mounted lighting to the bookshelves. Luxurious features make a world of difference. Treat yourself!”