San Francisco


I saw the Louis Vuitton Cup this past Friday in San Francisco. The Louis Vuitton Cup features three teams competing to race against the Oracle Team in September for the America’s Cup.  The America’s Cup began in 1851 and is the longest running sport that any country has consistently won.  We had actually won every year since it was founded until we lost it in the Australians in 1983.

Artemis Swedish team

Originally they used beautiful old fashioned sail boats but then switched to the catamaran about 7-8 years ago. They average 50 mph, they go extremely fast, and have teams of 11 men on them. The America’s Cup itself is a magnificent, sterling silver huge trophy that I had a chance to see. I also visited the Oracle team lounge which was magnificent and was where Penfolds Winery out of Australia was hosting a beautiful afternoon.


Then I went with my niece, brother, and my dear friend Mary Miyata out to the harbor on Rusty Arias’ beautiful restored 72-foot wood boat. We were able to get up close and personal with the boats while they were foiling. It was extremely exciting and the weather was just perfect!


On top of everything, we had a chance to go to the Legion of Honor, a museum in Golden Gate Park where they had assembled a magnificent exhibit of impressionistic art on the water in honor of the America’s Cup. It was the perfect combination.


Thursday evening I had dinner with the head of Coldwell Banker in Northern California while looking at the “Bay Lights”, the magnificent public work of art lighting up the entire Oakland Bay Bridge by computers. It was hypnotically beautiful.  What a wonderful trip!