Change The Word – Change the World

prayforparisI received this message from Ghada & Ray Irani this morning and wanted to share. I think this is absolutely necessary for the culture shift and change in mindset that is plaguing our world where good people are being lumped into the same category as radically horrible people.

“We would like to initiate a huge worldly campaign or rather, anti-campaign, to rename ISIS to NISIS, meaning “The Non -Islamic State in Iraq & Syria”. This anti-campaign should be promoted & shared by moderate and normal Muslims & their friends all over the world to show our rejection, denial and refusal of the extremist methodology of those radically sick people hiding behind Islam and equally in solidarity with all the victims of their criminal attacks anywhere throughout the globe.

SO, to all respected Media: please STOP referring to them as ISIS. From today let’s all call them NISIS. Please widely share!”