Push Button Estate

Joyce Rey is the leader in Beverly Hills Luxury Real EstateI love this great video of Frank Sinatra touring his infamous Push Button home in Trousdale Estates.  Anything a homeowner could want … at the push of a button. Designed by the incredible Los Angeles architect, Paul R. Williams, no less!

Watch the 3-minute video

From the Huffington Post:

“Frank Sinatra is, well … Frank Sinatra,” said Edward R. Murrow on his show 1956. He was introducing a rare “Person to Person” segment wherein the singing legend takes the audience on a tour of his new home.

Frank Sinatra’s modest Trousdale Estates property, “sits on a knoll in the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking Coldwater Canyon,” says Murrow.

The two bedroom property was built and designed by Los Angeles architectural icon, Paul Revere Williams. Williams was known as the “architect to the stars.”

Sinatra’s home “actually survived almost unchanged till 2006,” reports Trousdale Estates aficionado Steven Price. The home was demolished to make room for a much more elaborate nine bedroom, Mediterranean villa.

Based on the video above, it seems that the good ol’ days of understated homes are definitely a part of LA’s past.