Pageant of the Masters

festival-of-artsIt is hard to believe that the incredible Pageant of the Masters has been entertaining their audience for 80 years. The beautiful intimate setting of the outdoor amphitheater in the heart of charming Laguna Beach is an artist’s delight.

The many talented artists of Orange County have their exhibits surrounding the amphitheater providing the opportunity to both view and purchase their beautiful works of art. Early arrival is a must! I have attended several of these pageants for many years as I grew up in Orange County and it was always a thrill as a young girl to attend.

This year’s anniversary celebration was the best yet. The writers connected incredible works of art with motion pictures including the Trevi Fountain in Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday and the Last Supper was connected to many movies about Jesus’ life. The pageant itself is simply amazing. For two minutes the live actors perform perfect replications of magnificent artwork and it is hard to believe that it is a human reproduction.

It is difficult to explain but magnificent and awe-inspiring to see and it’s accompanied by wonderful and dramatic orchestral composition and script. It is something you want to return to each year, especially since the beaches are so inviting in Laguna!

IMG_0207I also had a chance to dine on the water at Splashes at the Surf & Sand Resort. Just look at the gorgeous view from my terrace — what a delightful weekend. I even managed to top it all off with a trip to Del Mar and win at the races.