My Birthday in Ojai

ojai-valley-inn Joyce Rey is the leader in Beverly Hills Luxury Real EstateI had such a wonderful time this weekend celebrating my birthday at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, courtesy of my friend and partner, Stacy Gottula.  We participated in non-stop yoga, relaxation, and massages! True rest & relaxation.

The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa is located in the gorgeous, sprawling Ojai Valley and has a very interesting history.  It was established in 1923 by manufacturer and philanthropist Ed Libbey who had a vision to turn a rundown western settlement into the architecturally noted locale it is today. Libbey’s estate exists in Ojai today as a historical residence, said to be in better condition now than it was in 1910.

Libbey worked with famed architect Wallace Neff on the plans for his private country club, soon to be known as the Ojai Valley Country Club. Although Libbey died before his plans came to fruition, architect Austin Pierpoint took over and added 22 more rooms to the original plans.

During WWII in 1942, the country club actually became a military training center for Army troops known as “Camp Oak” and was shortly then turned over to the Navy. It returned back to private ownership in the late 40’s where investors fortunately resumed the Ojai Valley Country Club. With the Hollywood boom in the 40’s and 50’s, Ojai Valley became a top choice for relaxing getaways amongst dignitaries and the Hollywood elite.

It really is truly one of the most beautiful places in our country.