Midnight in Paris

Joyce Rey is the leader in Beverly Hills Luxury Real EstateSpeaking of Gertrude Stein, if you haven’t seen the movie Midnight in Paris, written and directed by Woody Allen, you must watch it! A very sweet, funny, inspiring, and magical film; the fantasy of it all was unexpected and I truly enjoyed it.  I don’t know which character I loved most but the all-star cast was superbly chosen and I wouldn’t have changed a single one.

From IMDB: The successful Hollywood screenplay writer Gil Pender is spending vacation in Paris with his fiancée Inez and her parents since his future father-in-law is on a business trip. Gil is an aspiring novelist that loves Paris, and dreams of living in the city after getting married with Inez. Furthermore, the romantic Gil believes that the golden age of Paris was in the 1920s and he loves to walk through the streets of the city. When Inez meets her former boyfriend, the pseudo-intellectual Paul, with his girlfriend Carol, they spend some time together visiting tourist attractions. In the night, they drink wine at a party and Paul invites the couple to go dancing with Carol and him. However, Gil prefers to return walking alone to the hotel. At midnight, an old car stops and the passengers invite him to go a party and sooner he realizes that he is back to the 20’s, where he meets his favorite writers, musicians and artists and lives his dream.