Iconic Santorini

iconic-santorini-adOne international destination I have always wanted to visit is the gorgeous Greek isle of Santorini, about 100 miles southeast of Greece’s mainland. The island is traversed almost entirely by foot as there are very few cars aside from public transportation and rental vehicles. In fact, one of the more common method of personal transport on the island is on an ATV!

Santorini is known for its gorgeous beaches, cliff-side towns, dramatic views, and stunning sunsets.  It also happens to be known for its feline population, interestingly enough.  The residents of Santorini allow a large population of feral cats to roam freely because they control the rodent population for which I’m sure they are handsomely rewarded by local fisherman.

Architectural Digest covers an incredible new hotel (pictured above) called Iconic Santorini that designed its rooms after the traditional “Cycladic” cave-style architecture. The interiors of the rooms are domed as if one were in a cave.  Some of the rooms even have their own grottos – how romantic!