Honored to be Honored

ssdfwerIf you’ll allow a little post-New-Year’s-Eve horn-tooting, I’m extremely honored and pleased to have been selected as one of the top ten Real Estate Video Influencers by the video relationship platform, BombBomb. The award was presented by Tom Ferry.

From a collection of more than 500 nominees, the judges watched an average of six videos per nominee (as few as one and as many as 20). They tallied numbers of videos, number of viewing platforms, visitors, and views, and examined the many unique qualities that make up good videos: information, personality, track record of consistency, uniqueness, emotion, human element, individuality, production values, story, and communication.

In presenting the award, they stated, “Joyce Rey is nationally recognized as one of the most influential figures in real estate today. She’s consistently releasing listing videos on a regular basis and often using models to help her tell the story of each home. Her videos are sleek and sophisticated and showcase all of the home’s features in their best light. Her videos make each home look glamorous, using a mixture of different angles and camera shots. It is evident that Joyce knows exactly how to market a home in a luxurious and personable way!”

Just a few months earlier, my website was picked in the top 10 nationwide for both real estate companies and individual Realtors.