Helen Mirren: A Woman in Gold

Woman_in_Gold_film_posterHelen Mirren has a fabulous new film coming out called “Woman in Gold“, based on the amazing true story of Gustav Klimt’s famous 1907 gold leaf portrait of Adele Bloch Bower. Mirren plays the niece of Bower who works with a lawyer to fight for the return of the painting to her family as it had been confiscated by the Nazis and kept in Austria.  I have seen this gorgeous painting in person when it was on display at the LACMA and actually met the lawyer that helped the family, played in the film by the handsome Ryan Reynolds. I am really looking forward to seeing this film!

I am also really looking forward to seeing Helen Mirren in her new play when I visit New York for a UNICEF event in May.  Mirren stars as Queen Elizabeth for which she is reigning with rave reviews.

Congratulations Helen on your Tony nomination this week for your amazing role as Queen Elizabeth on Broadway in the audience. I am very excited as I am slated to see it very soon!