Happy St. Patrick’s Day

stpatEverything you have wanted to know about St. Patrick’s Day!  Wishing you the luck of the Irish!

— Saint Patrick’s parents, Calphurnius and Conchessa, were Roman citizens living in Britain, most likely Scotland, which was part of the Roman empire. Calpurnius was a well-regarded Roman diplomat assigned to the region.

— St. Patrick, who was born around 385 AD, was given the birth name Maewyn Succat.

— His parents were killed when the region was taken by the Irish. At 21 years old, he escaped slavery, and returned to Rome to find that most of the Roman empire had been lost.

— He traveled to France where he spent 10 years studying religion of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope (Celestine) made him a bishop, but after some time he felt that God was calling him back to Ireland.

— In Ireland he became well known for establishing schools, churches and monasteries and later was appointed bishop of Ireland. It’s said he converted more than 135,000 people to Christianity while establishing 300 churches and consecrating 350 bishops, earning him the status of Ireland’s patron saint.