Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockney

From his iconic swimming pool paintings to his kaleidoscopic photo collages (known as “joiners”), David Hockney has provided both art connoisseurs and contemporary culture with a lifetime of lasting images. This year the artist turns 80 and if “Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockney” at the Getty Center is any indication, he seems little inclined to slow down.

Pictured Left – Self Portrait with Red Braces, 2003, David Hockney, watercolor on paper. © David Hockney. Photo credit: Richard Schmidt



JR Team Getty Event

I was thrilled to take the entire Joyce Rey team to the opening of the exhibit, where the attendees helped Mr. Hockney celebrate his auspicious birthday. While we were there, we enjoyed many of the G

etty’s other offerings, including fabulous Masters, the amazing paintings of wheatstacks and Rouen Cathedral by Claude Monet, Van Gogh’s Irises, and magnificent Rodin sculptures.

No matter how often you visit, it’s always a special occasion to ride the tram up to the Getty Center, to visit the gardens and see the views, and, of course, to stroll among the incomparable artworks.