Green Tea – Good for Teeth?

Okay, I admit it. The subject of green tea seems like a stretch for a real estate-related blog post. But, frankly, in a people-to-people, face-to-face business like real estate, smiles matter. And where smiles go, brushing, flossing–and green tea–can’t be far behind.

I mention this because of various news items that have crossed my desk recently. You may be aware of the ruckus over flossing, which has been advocated in the U.S. by the Surgeon General and in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans since 1979.

Apparently, there’s never been much hard proof that flossing really works–and some evidence that improper flossing can damage gums. So when journalists from the Associated Press asked the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture for the science behind the recommendation, the Feds had nothing to show and the longstanding advice to floss was rescinded.

Now, you won’t necessarily find dentists or periodontists agreeing with this new policy. In fact, the American Academy of Periodontology “continues to recommend daily flossing as part of a complete oral health regime. Along with brushing twice a day and receiving an annual comprehensive periodontal evaluation, flossing is crucial to preventing periodontal disease.” (Especially so, they emphasize, for smokers and for those with diabetes.)

Meanwhile, along comes an article called “Recent Study: Why Green Tea Strengthens Your Teeth.” In addition to talking about the importance of brushing, it discusses the dental and medical benefits of a daily cup of green tea. I found it fascinating and encourage you to have a look. Without getting too technical, the virtue of green tea is in the catechins, chemicals that are beneficial but not invincible. An article on “Health Benefits of Green Tea” in WebMD advises that your cuppa be brewed with 160-170 degree water (instead of boiling), that lemon (not milk) makes the catechins work better in your body, and that you purchase the best quality green tea you can find.

As long as we’re straying from the topic of real estate, I’ll mention one more article I enjoyed: “11 Surprising Reasons You Should Smile Every Day.” This one’s from The Huffington Post and it could turn even a curmudgeon into a smiler.

Smiles to you. Now back to real estate.