Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake

Swan-Lake_1I saw an amazing interpretation of Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake this past Saturday, performed brilliantly at The Music Center.  It is loosely based on Prince Charles and Princess Diana, with Camilla being the Black Swan.  The sets were fabulous and the costumes were gorgeous. It is THE best performance I have ever seen. Everyone loved it!

In 1966–barely a year after the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion opened–The Music Center presented Rudolf Nureyev and Margo Fonteyn with the Australian Ballet. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we bring back the legendary dance company for their critically acclaimed re-imagining of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, set to the modern legend of Diana, the Princess of Wales.


On the evening before her wedding, the apprehensive young maiden Odette wandered the palace and became doubtful of her betrothed Prince Siegfried’s love.

After the wedding Odette, so very much in love with her new husband, realized it was a certain Baroness who really owned his heart. Already fragile, Odette became so distressed that by royal command she was committed to a sanatorium.

With her spirit broken, Odette could only find escape in a frozen dream where swan-like maidens, much like herself, would calm her fevered mind and where, for a brief time, it seemed as if Siegfried loved her alone.

Some months later, Odette left the white loneliness of the sanatorium to seek and reclaim her husband, now fully under the sway of the Baroness. Having appeared uninvited at an evening party given by the Baroness, Odette’s calm beauty and confidence purity of spirit caused Siegfried to fall deeply in love with her. The jealous Baroness attempted to have Odette returned to the sanatorium, but before she could be seized, Odette fled into the night.

Siegfried discovered the terrified Odette near the lake and for a short time the couple were united in ecstatic embrace. But even as she lay in the arms of her husband, Odette knew there would be no peace for her ever-troubled mind and she was only to find ultimate release in the depths of the dark lake of swans.

For the rest of his life, Prince Siegfried never loved again, but mourned ever his lost Odette.