Finally!…Going to the Los Angeles Rams Season Opener!

la-rams-crowdI was very fortunate to secure Los Angeles Rams football tickets. The season opener home game was not the most exciting football in the world but it was a big win for the Rams. Fueled by nothing but field goals, the crowd couldn’t quite go berserk, but a crowd it certainly was. I can’t remember when I have seen over 90,000 people pour into the Coliseum. There were lines for everything. In fact, the Coliseum ran out of food and change! If you waited until the last quarter to eat, you were out of luck. Next time they will be more prepared. I was trying to remember the opening day of the Los Angeles Olympics in the 80s and the incredible opening ceremony. I don’t think there were as many people on that spectacular occasion. There were quite a few Seahawks fans in the audience and most everyone anticipated a Seahawks victory but the Rams pulled through for a 9-3 win. Todd Gurley was the standout offensively with his fantastic running game. Our season will only improve as it progresses. Congratulations to the Rams organization. Spending the day with the Franciosas, my adorable godsons, Cassius and Alistair, is always a treat.