Fighting Ebola

vandy-jawad-ebola-survivorI wanted to share some details on what UNICEF is doing to fight Ebola.  As you may know, this epidemic is spreading at a catastrophic rate and if we, as a global economy, aren’t doing what we can to help stop, we will soon see this horrible disease crossing borders.  Thank you to UNICEF and all of the other phenomenal foundations driven to help stop this devastation.

Nicholas Kristof wrote an incredible editorial called The Ebola Fiasco in the NY Times last week.  I highly recommend reading it.

This week, UNICEF issued its annual progress report on child survival.  Since 1990, the number of under-five deaths has been slashed in half from 12.7 million to 6.3 million; the number of daily preventable child deaths has fallen from 35,000 to 17,000.

Further good news, the under-five mortality rate is falling faster than at any other time during the past two decades with a tripling in the annual rate of decline. Thanks to this accelerated progress, almost 100 million children’s lives have been saved over the past two decades, including those of 24 million newborns.  As we note this hard won progress, it is important to note that newborns account for nearly half of the annual under-five mortality rate.  Nearly 2.8 million babies die within their first 28 days; one million of them don’t even live to see their second day of life.

The full report can be read  here:  In detail, it documents discoveries, setbacks, and the narrowing of equity gaps. 

From this dramatic progress noted above, to UNICEF’s Ebola response, and photos of children back to school in Gaza, I encourage you to read and share the UNICEF issues in the news this week highlighted below.  Please tell others why you Believe in ZERO children who lose their lives from causes we know how to preventThank YOU for helping UNICEF safeguard every child’s right to survive and thrive.