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Embassy Gardens’ Sky Pool

skypool-closeup_3413527a-large(Photo: Ballymore)

Wow! I’ll have to see this one in person. By 2018, residents of London’s exclusive Embassy Gardens will be able to swim in this incredible glass-bottomed floating pool.

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Residents of London’s Embassy Gardens apartment complex will be able to swim between two high-rise blocks of flats via a “floating” glass-bottomed swimming pool 10 storeys above ground.

Resembling an ‘aquarium in the sky’, it is said to be the first pool in the world to link two residential buildings. The transparent and structure-free pool, designed by Arup Associates and developed by the Ballymore Group, will be 90 by 19 feet, encased in eight inch-thick glass, and have a water depth of around four feet. It will offer aerial views of the capital, including the Houses of Parliament.