Donna Livingston

Donna Livingston. Joyce Rey is the leader in Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate

Not only is Donna a fabulous designer, she is an incredible friend!  Watch her video here on transforming her condominium into a breathtaking residence. 

There are so many turning points in life when we must “Begin Again” – an act that takes much courage.

A recent turn of events in my life led to just that: beginning again.  After spending eighteen months creating a dream home that was published in Architectural Digest’s September 2010 edition, the home was sold lock, stock, and barrel.  As I sold my home furnished, I had a short time frame of only three months to create my next nest.

For me, it’s always fun piecing the puzzle together, mixing styles, collections, and bargains.  You start out with a blank canvas, get the ball rolling, and suddenly magic happens.  Here is a sneak peek into how my team and I worked so hard to “Begin Again.”

 Donna Livingston