Bill Graham Exhibition

joyce-exhibitI received an amazing invitation to go to a special event at the Skirball Center after-hours from Vicki Unger and her wonderful Wealth Management Group at Wells Fargo. Bill Graham had an amazing life. He was an orphan who fled Nazi Germany at the age of 7 to an orphanage in France. From there he came to the United States to a foster care home. After such a difficult start in life he rose to become one of the most important Rock and Roll promoters of his day. The exhibition profiles all of his amazing accomplishments. There’s hardly a major group that he did not produce. At the Fillmore and all over the country whether it was the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead and so many more. I was most impressed with the Live Aid concert that raised 44 million dollars for the famine in Ethiopia. He was an icon in the music business and this exhibit is totally fascinating if you love Rock and Roll. You can go through October 11th!