Art Basel 2015

artbasel(Pictured: Megan Riley, Joyce Rey, Sylvie Fleury, & Alexandra Alexopoulou)

The first week after Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year because it is time to visit Miami Beach for the fabulous Art Basel – one of the largest Art fairs in the world and certainly in the United States.

The Convention hall is filled with approximately 4,000 works of art.  The most prominent art galleries from around the world bring their celebrated artists to give the international collectors an opportunity to buy.  The most exciting moment is the opening on Wednesday morning.  In order to gain admittance you must be a V-VIP to get what they call “THE FIRST LOOK”.  After spending the entire day in the exhibit I still had not seen all the works of art.  There is so much else going on in connection with the main art fair. There is the new art dealers exhibition called Nada at the FontaineBleau Hotel.  There are magnificent tents erected on the beach itself for “Scope” and “Untitled”.  There is Design Miami where some of the most exciting designers display furniture, lighting fixtures, and additional works of art having to do with Interior Design.

There are so many others but one of the top exhibits is Art Miami which is housed in a huge tent in the Wynnwood neighborhood.  This exhibit is famous for their walls which are beautifully painted with fascinating murals.  I also attended an opening reception at the famous Perez Museum.  There was so much to do and so little time.

The new Design District is a 20 minute drive from Miami Beach where I had a chance to see the Gagosian exhibit curated by Jeffrey Dick.  One of my favorite mornings was brunch to see Mara De Luca’s exhibition at Holly Hunt (sponsored by Elle Décor) and an exciting dinner with the major donors for the fabulous BASS Museum which is under renovations.  Coldwell Banker is sponsoring one of their new installations.  I cannot wait for the opening next year.  Meeting new friends and hanging out with old ones and connecting with so many art lovers makes this week fun filled and very educational.  Did I forget to mention the fabulous dinner at the Versace Mansion? I hope you will have a chance to join in the fun next year.

Here are some of my favorite paintings:


Edward Ruscha | Obligations | Pigment and Acrylic on paper | Depicts a glowing chalice, could it be the Holy Grail?   It was great to see such a wonderful collection of California Artist here in Miami at Mana.


This fabulous Picasso is from his late period, and one of the most expensive paintings in the entire Art Basel 2015. It is represented by the Landau Gallery, and greets you as you enter the VIP entrance. This painting is more expensive than most of my listings!

Anish Kapoor

Love Anish Kappor! This piece is 650 thousand English pounds.
Anish Kapoor | Mirror (Black to Cobalt Blue) | Stainless steel lacquer | Lisson Gallery

Cloud Plane

Here is one of my favorites by Doug Aitken titled “Cloud Plane” featured by Galerie Eva Presenhuber | Priced at $225,000. #ArtBasel Are you ready for takeoff my friends actually negotiated and purchased this wonderful work of art for their aviation center. It was so fun to see the tremendous advantage of viewing such a massive display of wonderful art.


Marilyn is here! Thanks to Andy Warhol and the Wonderful Gagosian Gallery at Art Basel. It can be yours for a cool $18 million. #ArtBasel #ArtBaselMiami #MiamiBeach

artbasel2(Pictured: Jill Hertzberg, Jill Eber, Joyce Rey, Hillary Hertzberg, Felise Eber, & Daniel Hertzberg)