Architect Spotlight: Richard Keating

Richard Keating - ArchitectThe original architect of my new listing in Pacific Palisades, Richard Keating, is the man behind the property’s incredible conception although it was brought to life by acclaimed L.A. architect  Steven Giannetti.

Keating originally went to school for Architectural History which had him excavating sites in regions like Greece but soon thereafter began to focus on building out offices for a major architectural firm followed by very large buildings used for corporate headquarters around the world.

He has been widely recognized for his skills and experience in making strategic design decisions in the most cost-effective manner. Accordingly, he as successfully completed numerous design-build projects. In addition, he has consistently contributed concepts for large-scale urban visions of his own volition and frequently is called upon as an architectural participant in discussions about the city.

Keating’s work has evolved to include a diverse range and scale of building types from high rise offices to performing arts facilities, high rise condominiums and surgery centers. In each case, relatively simply forms and optimized building systems provide for his skills in finessed details and materials to achieve the resultant design excellence. He has been called an architect’s architect and has used his extensive knowledge of developer designs to apply to other building types with beneficial cost results while maintaining design integrity.

Keating’s range of experience includes numerous award-winning interiors projects, several single-family residences, hotels, office buildings, rehabilitation projects and ultra high-rises. Over his career he has mentored numerous others that have developed to their own prominence in both architecture and interiors.