40 Years in the High End

Unique Homes Joyce Rey is the leader in Beverly Hills Luxury Real EstateI am thrilled to be a featured profile in the latest UNIQUE HOMES 40th Anniversary publication for the “Forty Years in the High End.”  They’ve been around longer than I have!

From the profile:
Few people know more about selling luxury property than Joyce Rey. As early as 1978 and as recently as last year, her sales set new price records. She consistently lists and sells the highest priced homes in the U.S.; but it was a desire for knowledge to make informed personal purchases that brought her to real estate initially. She co-founded Beverly Hills luxury icon Rodeo Realty. Few agents have been honored with as many awards. What makes her a top agent year after year? “Personal enthusiasm and affection for all aspects of the business,” she says.
Luxury change: The design of the homes. “When I started, there was no such thing as an open kitchen. It was also very difficult to sell a contemporary house. Now everybody gravitates to them.”
Technology change: Before the fax, which “was huge,” carbonized forms were one of the first innovations.
Pivotal event: Selling the former Sonny and Cher house for $4.2million. “It was a really big deal. That’s what changed the face of the marketplace. Prior to that, the highest was $2million”
Most memorable: When actress Shelley Winters took off her clothes and dove into a swimming pool. She ended up buying the house.

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