1600 Pandas

paulo grangeon pandasWhat a wonderful way to combine art and preserving our environment. This is a very interesting piece about the panda epidemic which are near extinction.

The creation of French sculptor Paulo Grangeon: 1600 Pandas

The panda is to remind people about the importance of wildlife conservation; there are only about 1,600 pandas left in the world. “If all humans die, all animals will survive with the earth. But if all animals die, the earth and humans will disappear,” said Grangeon. His exhibition, 1600 Pandas, has already toured Europe and Taiwan. The Hong Kong show, a fundraising project for WWF, is organized by AllRightsReserved, the same team that brought the duck to Victoria Harbour.

The Giant Panda, one of the most delightful and captivating of animals, is also one of the most endangered. The best scientific estimates indicate that there are less than 2,000 Giant Pandas remaining in the world today.

Read more about these incredible creatures at pandasinternational.org