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It is the eternal question – ‘where are we eating tonight?’ Fortunately, the restaurants in Los Angeles are known for offering a variety of cuisines, earning numerous internationally recognized accolades, and for chefs that range from household names to the finest up and coming talent. Rub elbows with Hollywood moguls on one night, enjoy a casual meal with friends the next, and take home delicious Chinese food to your family the night after – the choice is yours.

Between the scene stealing Mr. Chow’s to the organic Joss Cuisine and the perennial favorite Xi’an, you will have a trifecta of restaurants that can satisfy your cravings.

Meeting friends for an afternoon appetizer? Try Harajuku Crepe, a trendy Japanese spot with character and tasty treats. And if it’s a handcrafted sandwich you want, you may not find anything better than the historic Nate and Al’s Deli. For a late night slice, Mulberry Street Pizza is open until midnight on the weekends.

And these suggestions are truly just the beginning. There are endless options, from Italian to Japanese, French and American, all easily accessible for Los Angeles residents seeking the best restaurants and food the city has to offer.