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Bel Air is a landmark neighborhood featuring a wide range of luxury residences that have been crafted to make full use of the exclusive location, incredible climate and unparalleled surroundings. From modest villas to charming ranch homes and luxury estates, Bel Air offers a wide array of residences that cater to every taste and style.

The Upper Bel Air district, situated in the higher elevations of the Santa Monica Mountains, is noted for its exceptional views of the Los Angeles Basin and diverse array of often newer luxury homes. Here you will find everything from villas and ranch homes, to estates nestled along the mountainside.

Lower Bel Air is where you will find the most grand and lavishly appointed residences that have stood for generations – dramatic and impressive multi-million dollar. Homes in Lower Bel Air are the most sought after because of their convenience to the rest of Los Angeles as well as their proximity to amenities like the world famous Bel Air Country Club. Buyers seeking old world Los Angeles mansions for sale should consider Lower Bel Air for its noteworthy multi-acre estates – many of which have broken national sales records with their multi-million dollar price tags.